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  1. I was the one who said that. However, I don't have that script anymore, now I just use this command: cd /home/steam/steamcmd && sudo ./steamcmd.sh +@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1 +@NoPromptForPassword 1 +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/steam/steamapps/DST +app_update 343050 validade +quit Use that with crontab and you can run it whenever you want, assuming we are talking linux, that is. Also make sure your server is closed before you try updating.
  2. @zootal, Both client and server were on the same version, i keep a close eye on that. As far as i know, there isn't an official auto-update feature but i have a script that runs automatically every day to check for updates and it has been working pretty well.
  3. I was faced with this problem today ( i know this is an old thread but its the most compreensive one i could find ). I set up a dedicated server on my local network, was able to open the port in my router and everyone outside my network could find and join the server. However, i can't even find it on the list. Not even when i search for LAN servers, or change the server to LAN mode or even direct connect ( c_connect ). Trying to set up hairpin NAT on my router seems extremely complicated, so after some fumbling around i tried connecting to a VPN ( so my requests came from the "outside" of my network ) and that worked fine. I was able to find and join the server ( after a 10 calendar days loading screen ). After this, somehow the server started showing up on the list but i couldn't connect ( try yelling louder ). So my question is: was this problem actually solved and i'm having some other bug, or was this never patched?
  4. Pardon my question but does this mean that they are done with giving all the beta keys? Because me and a friend are still waiting.