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No instant logging out

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I don't know if this already in effect because I play only PVE servers but I think this should be a great addition for both PVP and PVE.


It should be when you press the Disconnect button there should be a client only annoucement that says he'll be disconnected in 10 second. If he exits out, his character will stay in place and will face the consequences for taking the easy way out.


I hate how people can exploit surviving in the dark by just instant logging back and in, it makes the game too easy IMO. (Well I kinda do like it but...)


This will also stop griefers from instant logging out when they burn down the base and feel successful about it. With this implemented the least I can do is rollback, Kill command him, take the loot and ban him promptly.


I feel like this benefits both PVP and PVE players alike.


If this is already implemented and I just can't see it then please delete this thread. Thank you.

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Got another exploit: When you lett sleep someone by pan flute, sleep dart, ..., the sleeping one, can easily log off and rejoins later. When he rejoins, he is not anymore at sleeping state.


This is a huge combat exploit. A logoff-timeout is necessary. No one should be able to let his/her character disappear in the very moment, if another player is near. Instead the player get a note, that his character is going to stay in the world 20 secs longer, because a (enemy)player is near. After that message got confirmed, the player is logged off, but the character stays longer and can get killed. If the player is not near an (enemy) player/character, his/her character can dissappear withouth the 20 secs delay.

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