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Struggling to get a minimap-related mod to work properly

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I've managed to make all players reveal the minimap for all other players (provided they have the mod installed), however if they leave and rejoin they lose that information. I know that the minimap information is stored on the client (I had a friend check), which means that it isn't saving the information after a call to ShowArea.


Here's the entirity of the code section of my mod (all inside "modmain.lua"):

AddPrefabPostInit("world", function (inst)  inst:DoPeriodicTask(0.033, function ()    for k,player in pairs(GLOBAL.AllPlayers) do      local x,y,z = player.Transform:GetWorldPosition()      GLOBAL.TheWorld.minimap.MiniMap:ShowArea(x, 0, z, 30)    end  end)end)

I've tried both "world" and "world_network", both have the same result. This code works for what I want it to do (reveal the minimap around everyone connected), it just isn't saving it after the player leaves.


I've been scouring for the appropriate function for a couple hours now, is there something I've missed or is it not possible?

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