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Is there a way to stop countdown? (Survival Mode)

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Hello, thanks for this wonderful game and forum.


I have 2 DST servers running. One on Windows and one on Linux. Both modded.


In survival, sometimes players will crash (unknown cause, possibly their own mods), and if other players are dead, it triggers the countdown to reset the map.


Is there any way as an admin/host to stop the countdown?

Could/should I rollback to the previous day's save point?


Any recommended options would be great.


Thanks again,


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That's the nature of Survival.  It's a challenge, "How long can you survive?" is the challenge and it's a challenge not just to the individual player but also to the server as a whole.  My experience is that my survival server bounces on the transition to winter, some survive that until summer at which point the vast majority of worlds get rebooted, it's very rare for my survival server to have a world survive a whole year.


I didn't know how crashes interact with the Survival setting, and it sounds unfortunate.  But I don't know of any way to interrupt it once the countdown starts shy of reviving someone.


So I think that if you don't want the world to reset you need to run the server as Wilderness or Endless.

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Yeah I figured as much... It's just annoying that a crash (which is not unexpected in an early release game) can kill our whole game.


Definitely considering switching to Wilderness mode.


I should also add this isn't a pub server. It's private so it's with friends who play at a coordinated time.

I don't expect a pub server to last long :)



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Yeah, if it's a private server for a group of friends playing together I'd switch it to Wilderness.  You'll suffer a wee bit at start-up by having everyone spawn all over the place instead of through the portal, but folks do find each other eventually.  (and everyone ought to map the map eventually anyway)  The benefit of not having the world constantly re-spawn will probably make for a better game for a small group of friends co-operating anyway.


(I can't really speak to whether or not Endless might be even better, I don't run an Endless server and so am not really as familiar with the rules-set.)

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For anyone who runs into this issue and found this post:


You can just do "c_rollback()" to rollback to the most recent save point.


I found it helpful to make sure:

"pause_when_empty = true" in your settings.ini

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