[Gameplay] - No insta-digging of a stump


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Bug Submission: <br /><br />Category: Gameplay<br />Issue Title: No insta-digging of a stump<br />Issue Description: When you chop down a tree and instantly switch to a shovel, even if you are closer to the stump than anything else, (including the rest of that tree's loot), it will still take time till your character reacts to dig it up if you then press the spacebar, so often it goes that instead of digging up the stump nearby when pressing spacebar, the character I play as goes for digging up or picking something up that's farther away. Only after like 3 or 4 seconds after the tree is chopped does the character react to dig out the stump when spacebar is pressed and it is closest to the character for being able to do a certain action for.<br />Steps to Reproduce: 1) Chop a tree down<br />2) Instantly switch to Shovel and press spacebar in attempt to dig up the stump - there will be a notable delay<br />
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