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1.Changing The Night!

As it implies this means changing the night and how it works exactly. Now the night will work in the stages of the moon (full moon, new moon etc) On Full Moon the night is actually lit up and you can see where you are going with a pretty large area BUT monsters are lurking all round along with new ones which will be mentioned. The area at which you can see will decrease as the stages of the moon change. New moon is where there is nothing but the black that we have now. There will also be a "Cold" Factor that will be mentioned later.

I'm not sure I like this. I kind of feel like the grue (darkness monster) is something that shouldn't be mucked with. I like the way nights are now. I know, I know, you can see somewhat outdoors on a full moon IRL, but I still don't like this idea simply because making there be any kind of visibility at night besides man-made sources of light kind of screws with the whole theme of the game and the "grue" mechanic.

2. Damage Over Time!

This will bring a whole new dimension to the survival of the game! And all of them are known all around and with these will bring new items!





Bleeding will be caused whenever in combat with ANYTHING but the chance is related to how much damage is dealt. So Tree Guards will have high chances while Bee's might will not have as much. The character will bleed at 1 tick per X amount of time. The character should perhaps have a bloodied shirt around the chest area and maybe periodically drop a few droplets on the ground as they walk and with their free half (whichever is not holding a tool) will be clutching their chest.

Poison will be caused my spiders and maybe only specific kinds of spiders as to make it more fair. The same as bleeding only the visuals is that the character will be noticeably more greener and perhaps hunger will deplete a little quicker.

Cold/Flu is caused by being in the cold for too long and you are more vulnerable the lower your health and hunger are. This will cause you to heal less and your hunger will rapidly deplete. Perhaps with the character having a chance to barf if movement or combat is to intense causing a good chunk of hunger to be lossed. The character will have a sickly look to their face and perhaps a runny nose.

Caused by fire and similar to bleeding. cured by oitment. The characters arm or face displays the looks of burns and maybe hair is burned or burning (not applicable to Willow)

How to fix or prevent!

[*]Bandages/Spider Web



[*]Warm Coat/Fire


Bandages will be made of grass. Perhaps 5 pieces only and cannot be made and saved, will be instantly put onto the character if they are bleeding. Spider Web is because I remember hearing that putting spider web into your wounds will help stop bleeding, will only use 1 piece of Spider Web. To prevent bleeding is the log suit as it would take the hit instead of you BUT still possible with hard hits. Also this will not instantly stop the bleeding per say, the bleeding will stop but your character will be noticeably covered in the torso with bandages which will stay for two days. during these two days your character is more likely to be put back into bleeding status because they reopened the wound. After these two days the bandages will disappear and you will be as good as new.

Anti-Venom is how to prevent ONE of your next poison encounters. This can be Soon perhaps by the character looking poisoned but then a "DING" and instantly better. Or perhaps anti-venom will only lower your chances. Another idea was that it boosts your immunity so you dont need the antidote to cure it, instead you can wait it out and it will cure itself rather then needing the antidote. Recipe unknown, perhaps a new item must be found to create it like poison sac and with it would be a stick and a Bee Stinger with a stick to make a shot. The poison sack must be added with flowers or honey to make the antivenom pouch

Antidote cures your poison, what else do you want it to do? Make of berry paste(will explain later)and flowers(specific kind maybe). Also as a foresight was another old survival tale. To cut yourself with the Razor which will inflict the bleeding on you but will remove the poison(letting the poison out of the blood stream).

Warm Coat/Fire is self explanatory. Warm Coat will be made with around 10 grass and 2-3 straw with a long durability time (to last a couple of nights). Can be further depleted by combat and rain(will be noted later). Being near a fire will stop the cold factor from happening.

Ointment will be made from carrot paste and instantly cure a burn. perhaps 3 parts/pieces of carrot paste.

I like this idea. I like everything about it. If you get wounded, you should have to treat your wounds. You might also throw in another DoT for infection if you let your wounds go untreated too long.

3.The Hut!!

Just as it sounds and the reason will again be noted later (i gotta give you a reason to stay ;-) ) Basically this will be a decently small house. enough for a stone fire in the middle and 2 building unit's to either direction for your science machine and maybe chests. it must be built in 3 stages(Maybe two). First the floor and framing will go up, then the roof, then the walls (can combine roof and walls if you like). This will protect you from all the weather outside at the cost of sight! Thats right you are completely limited to your sight within the home, when you enter the door there will be a fade to black to everything that is outside the house. Monsters can still break in if in pursuit so you are not safe from everything. To be built will need alot of wood and planks, perhaps 6 planks and 20 logs total for the entire house.

I'm pretty sure the devs have already said no to houses, but I do like the idea of the house not being safe from monsters. We are getting fences/walls at some point though.


This will come with the seasons perhaps when they are impliments(or if they are). In the winter the cold factor will be constant even during the day and plants will die regrow alot slower. Spring will bring Rain which will rain the Cold factor and chance of getting sick unless in a home, near fire or with warm coat and plants will stay fertile longer. summer can maybe bring a heat factor which i have not thought of yet but will perhaps Soon but trees and other plants will wittle away faster. autumn is the grace period where everything is just as it is now.

Seasons and weather have been discussed a lot on these forums. I personally hope they add in weather effects and all four of the seasons. Right now, however, all they have promised us is winter. I believe Kevin also said that it would be possible to freeze to death during winter as well.

5.Monsters! (Oh my!)

The only monster i thought of was the Vampire! The spawn chance is very small and can start appearing at dusk and the chances are higher as the night comes and are very powerful(though not as much as a Tree Guard). It is attracted more when the player is under the bleed status and will actively look for the bleeding character (perhaps track them if blood droplets are made). They burn in the daylight if lured into it by combat or other means if not then the vampire will turn into a bat and fly away. During dusk they appear but are weaker then at night so perhaps this is the key time to pick a fight if you are brave. They fight quick and run fast but are passive aggressive if found out in the wild without giving it a reason to chase you or if it hasnt already locked on to you. Only when you get to a certain distance will it start combat and it can pick up your scent. this will not instantly start a fight but it will sniff the air and softly walk in your direction which you still have a chance to run away. Garlic can perhaps be a new plant you can grow which will weaken them when close (if force combat on them) or cause them to stay away from you but garlic depletes if you are near a vampire. vampires that have locked onto you but not started combat will be deterred by fire but with their black magic they will cause the fire to deplete much more quickly then usual.

Other tweaks are that Were-Pigs will now wander the night (if the night changes happen that i mentioned) as well as Hounds can now be seen wandering at night, perhaps you can now find Hound dens too.

A vampire has been suggested before. I think it would do better to pop up in graveyards, making grave robbing a bit more dangerous than just the simple possibility of having a rather mundane ghost pop out of the grave and chase you for a bit.


Pestle and mortor, needed to make pastes. made from a cut stone and sticks(possibly, prone to change). Unknown if it should be portable or a placeable item. most likely portable.

Berry Paste must be taken from Berries (giving players a reason to go back to the previously obsolete food option)

Carrot Paste from normal carrots.

Poison Dart, similar to fire dart but without the messy fire and more pain >:D

I think it goes without saying that I like this idea, since I liked the DoT idea and you can't really have one without the other.
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