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[Mod] Displaying Mushrooms

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Hello everyone !


So I was looking for a shroom display mod on together the other day, and I couldn't find it. So I said to myself "Why don't I just make it ?" Hence this topic !


It's now called Displaying mushrooms, since it does only that, but I plan on adding other items on it, and letting players choose what to display and what not.


I only had a little trouble : I wanted to display the mushrooms only when relevant - like red on day, green on dusk and blue on night - but couldn't find a way to do it. Is it possible ? Or can't the map update like this ?


Second question : I couldn't find the way to add the mod on steam. How do one do this ?


Thank you in advance for your answers, and most importantly... Don't starve ! (How original, I know :p )


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I suppose you can just set the image to an empty one to "hide" the icon.


To upload to Steam, you need to launch the mod tools (found on steam), under "tools").


Oh, and not to ruin your day, but... this kind of mod already exists. However, it only does so on the Steam forums, and I don't think it has configuration either. It doesn't have a firefly icon or alike either. EDIT: Duh

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I'll try that, my problem was about updating the map live.


I found the tool, thank you :)

And yes, I know, but it doesn't exist for together, and the one for the solo version does not have configuration, and creates a pretty messy map. That's what I want to change - letting the player choose what to display or not, and how to display it.


Anyway, thank you a lot for your answer !

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