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Searching for Players for my posh little server...

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:wilsoncj: I've created a lovely little place and would absolutely LOVE for others to come! This humble little cherry only wishes to "Dweeb out" with others and make some human friends. I've managed to make a decent camp, and the road there is clear and simple with starting gear provided at the entrance. There are several mods, most character (so that you may choose from a variety of people), and the rest playtime convenient ones. Once you arrive, feel free to kick back and relax, take some food from the crock pot, or some vegetables "straight out da' earth" (IM SORRY MY BRETHEREN!!). But be weary, for winter is near and we must prepare!


:wilson_lightbulb:  A few things to keep in mind so that we last longer

-Don't kill the Beefalo near the base! We need them for protection!

-Keep the crockpot supplied for easy access to food when ACTUALLY starving

-When cutting trees from the forest near the base, please replant (anywhere else, you need not worry)

-If the food is going to waste, throw it in the pickler!


I don't have any REAL rules though... those are mostly tips really.... I suppose there is one rule!

















wait for it!








:wilson_goodjob: HAVE FUN! (goodness, why do I suddenly smell cheese?) Oh, and if you enjoy, spread the word! The world will have the same name and the same settings every time. You may also recommend mods, I will add availability to them (for example if you want to play as a certain character, but don't see it there). 






SCHEDULE: I usually play in the mornings (US Central time) so anywhere from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. I also at  times play during the day and night, but I will more consistently play during the displayed hours, or everyone in a while, for long periods of time during the night (perhaps from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM). This is all usually on a daily basis.


SERVER NAME: A Cherry Wonderland


AKA: Some_Cherry
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:wilson_horror: Ah yes, it seems to have slipped my mind! Here is a list:

















-Craftable gears

-DST Wilsons House

-Fear of Gnomes

-Gesture Wheel

-Infinite Siesta Hut

-Pickle it

-Smart Crock Pot

-Spike Trap



Pardon my exclusion of such important information. Remember if there are any mods that you'd like I shall get them at request!

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