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Custom Character will load but won't use custom info?

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I am making my first custom character and everything seemed to be going well until I got into the game. I haven't edited any of the art but I edited the description, name, quote, and info as well as what the character says when examining a evergreen tree. However when I select the character none of the information appears and when I examine an evergreen in game it still has Wilson's description instead.


I will include the file in question that seems not to work. If anyone could tell me what I am doing wrong it would be much appreciated!


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Let me show you what's wrong:

GLOBAL.STRINGS.CHARACTER_TITLES.vlad_plasmius = "The Half Ghost"
vlad_plasmius = "* Is actually a Theinsanefruitloop."

table.insert(GLOBAL.CHARACTER_GENDERS.MALE, "vlad plasmius")
vlad plasmius")


See it? You leave a space sometimes, and sometimes you use an underscore instead. Please stick to one, ideally underscores.

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