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So, I decided to kind of fiddle with custom to make the easiest possible campaign--something I dub "Candyland Mode".


•Less Guards/Daemons

•+99 KO

•No Alarm. Like, at all.

•x2 loot bonus

•Consoles and safes EVERYWHERE

Basically, it's a troll scenario generator. I use it to test strategies and experiment with agents I'm not used to. To give an idea of difficulty, once the SecNet security levels hit 3, you almost-sorta-kinda get level 1 in Beginner mode. If in Beginner mode you have 60,000 credits and want to watch the world burn.

With Internationale, the mere start of the level lights up like a Willow-griefed DST server. So. Many. CONSOLES. It's like Christmas morning, especially with a full squad and a trapped Executive who won't stop screaming when you open and close the door in his face.

... Does anyone else do this? Or am I just a sadistic sociopath with no concept of overkill?

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I guess it could be a way to test an agent or something but honestly it seems incredibly boring.  

For me, the enjoyment of an experience (game or otherwise) is the challenge and this doesn't sound like one.  


If you enjoy playing that way, go for it though.  As long as you enjoy it then go for it!

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There is challenge, if you try hard enough. More or less I dare myself--how many guards can I trawl behind me and not be shot? Can I make it though Sankaku without hacking anything? What about getting through a level without being noticed once?

And yeah, at some point there is no challenge. That's when I scrap the campaign and muck around with custom some more! The possibilities are endless, but all of them lead me back to screaming CEOs. Ahh, financial suites~

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