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  1. Fan Art Thread

    The BEST bumpity bump.
  2. Fan Art Thread

    White Castle????? White Castle ... I've never actually BEEN to White Castle orz
  3. Fan Art Thread

    Yo, thank you! Your art is awesome as well; I'm always happy to see everybody posting so much fantastic work! All I can think of is Avatar: The Last Airbender... "You might want to think of a better... cover name. Try Lee. There's a million Lee's." -Piandao, Sokka's Master
  4. Fan Art Thread

    Monst3r has a not-so-secret cache of bad photos of the mercs–he collects consucky photography of anyone and will actually buy it for a quick penny. The only person not in his repetoire is Gladstone. It is literally impossible to get a bad photo of Gladstone. She is the Barney Stinson of Invisible Inc. Only Nika and Banks so far. Expect more to be uploaded--this is sort of a warm-up for the "mega-video" I'm working on.
  5. Fan Art Thread

    That. Is a good idea. I like this. Yeah, it's slightly op if that one action is remotely classified as movement--but limits could probably be put on the extent of that augment if necessary (like, move 1 tile space OR make an action that would normally trigger an immediate overwatch). God knows I would have loved to shut a door so that one of my agents in an overwatch zone could escape/ambush!
  6. Fan Art Thread

    A lot of the KIA agents that flash through the screen look like they would have been SO COOL had they been playables. That said, I have very high hopes for whatever Klei has for the PEIA pack! Killian was once of Invisible Inc's best under cover agents, easing into whatever corporation let their guard down enough to "hire" him. Quick on the draw and fast on his feet, he never expected a raid on home territory--certainly not with such a powerful AI behind the Inc's doors. *Mmm whatcha saaaaay* What do you guys think his augment would have been?
  7. Fan Art Thread

    RIP Killian Not even his superb goatee could save him from SecNet. He should have built a meat effigy imo
  8. Fan Art Thread

    This thread's gotten quiet, so I thought I'd give a little update on my current I.I. project: A 2 minute motion comic on all our favorite agents, featuring things people have actually said playing Team Fortress 2. All my permissions are lined up and production has started! I'll post a link once I finish.
  9. Fan Art Thread

    He did the M0nst3r mash (It was a SecNet smash) I third the idea of comm dialogue, especially reacting to major events (obtaining objective, team members falling/being left behind, using medgel to revive, etc). That said, maybe I'm just really, really, really starved for character interaction aside from cutscenes. For now, I bask in the headcanon that M0nst3r totally has a Rare Pepe collection. Like, at least 50 gigabytes of pure meme.
  10. Fan Art Thread

    Hi again! This is "roommate" Lyra J--I've joined the Klei forums and will keep uploading works to this thread. Big thanks to Kastor for loaning me their time and keyboard! If the username did not suggest enough, I'm a pretty big Decker fan. Especially turnt Decker. Expect art soon.