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Game Update 138844 - 6/5/2015

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Hey all, I'd just like to clarify some things with respect to the forestresourcespawner.

First and foremost, the explosion of berry bushes is a bug, which we'll be patching today. Sorry about that!

Now let's talk about what this component is for and what our plans are: As you probably know, long-running servers can become quite desolate and terrible to play on, especially for the basic/starting resources. We're starting to take a look at how to keep long-running servers viable.

Our first step is the forestresourcespawner which simply, for wilderness and endless, ensures that there are a few flint and twigs and bushes around the player spawns. We do this explicitly, just to ensure there's something there when you log in. It's not meant to regenerate the world, but rather to ensure that some basic materials are available for new players when they log in.

We're also going to start looking at features which regenerate the whole world as well, but we want to make sure that a) the solution fits into the overall feel of the Don't Starve design, and b) that it doesn't go too far the other way and overwhelm the server with regrowth! We'll be slowly trying out changes of this sort in the future, so stay posted.

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