The Not-So-Epic Battle with the Treeb*tch

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It was a day like any other. Noon Fish and I were in our DST server. She was Webber and I was Wilson. I was hanging out around the main camp while Noon went to go collect wood and food.


Then she said, "OMG TREEGUARD"


I went into a panic. It had been a while since I played Don't Starve, and I was unsure of what to do. I told her to hurry back to camp. Once she arrived, she gave me some seeds and told me to cook them in the fire pit. I, being the semi-noob I was, agreed.


The Treeguard had followed her. I tried to help her with my god-awful kiting skills, resulting in some stupid damage. Then I went back to cooking seeds and giving them to her.


The next day or two, we killed it, and we were rewarded with living logs and meat.


She put up a sign near the spot where it had died.


"rip treeb*tch" it said.


Soon after, she said, "Today was a good day."

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One funny story regarding a treeguard: I was playing as Wilson, my younger sister Wendy.


1st time my sister and I saw a treeguard:

Me: I'm going to chop all of the trees today. Let's hope that we don't see a treeguard. (The trees were behind my base)

Sister: Don't talk about ominous stories.

a minute later...


Sister: Words come true!

(I randomly place 7 pine cones, treeguard calms down)


3 (game) days later... The treeguard isn't aggressive, but wandering around the house, causing sanity drain.

Me: That tree loves morning stroll, doesn't he?

Sister: (Laughs)

Me: Morning stroll is good for your health, anyway.

Sister: It's not so funny, though. This treeguard is draining my sanity, it's so annoying.

Me: Well, we got no choice.

Sister: You did this, you know.

Me: ...


Another 2 days later... My Wilson speaks, "Did you hear that?"

Me: Oh, yet another hound assault.

Sister: ("The hounds are baying.") I should flee to the beefalos.

Me: Wait, no. Let's try luring the hounds to that treeguard.

Sister: Are you kidding me?

Me: No, I'm not kidding. They may aim for the treeguard.

Sister: What if not?

Me: We shall flee to beefalos, then. (Beefalos are located West, near to my base)

Sister: ...


Hound assault approaches, estimated 12 or more (around World Day 130), and with red Hounds. Luring to treeguard was a great success, damaging him down to less than half of its default HP.


Sister: Wow, that thing is still alive after the assault.

Me: It's alright, you have an ice staff. We can finish him off.


She froze the treeguard and I attacked him with a tentacle spike. Repeated this until he died and rewarded us with living logs and monster meat.


Me: That was fun.

Sister: Never knew that we can ever kill that insanely-high-HP monster.

Me: It was like 80% hounds.

Sister: (Laughs)

Me: Never knew that hounds have some use for us.

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