Longest Real Time Spent on a Mission?

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I've had good runs and bad runs.  


However, I have noticed that despite how terrible things get if I am determined to leave no agent behind, I can save everyone.  It takes a lot of patience but with a lot of small moves that game ending mistake can be finessed into a win.


Anyway, was curious what was the longest amount of time everyone's spent playing a single mission?


My most grueling was probably 3hrs on a Sankaku Vault Mission.  I was at day 7 of my endless run and this was a really bad period for my 3 person team.  Most credits were spent upgrading stats only, so the gear and Incognita programs were severely under equipped.  


Barely escaped the vault when Xu was shot by a drone.  This should have been no problem but I accidentally left the Med Gel out of the inventory when I was sorting items before this mission.  This required me to journey Internationale and Sharp to the opposite end of the map where a Nanofab and elevator was.  


It was already level 6 alarm, so they hung out by the elevator waiting for the disruptors, 2 shock traps, and one cloaking rig to recharge.  During this time, I slowly hacked every camera in the building as well as each drone.  Was able to kill a couple guards with a drone but unfortunately no one saw it happen so it was not destroyed and ended rebooting back to the enemy's team.  In response, I decided to hack one in order to destroy another drone (they were the team's biggest threat at this point).  


Thought guards would stop coming after level 6 but more would teleport in after awhile.  Realizing I would never thin the herd, sent Sharp out with the cloaking rig and had Internationale barricade the elevator door.  


Using the cloak to sneak past an impossible bottleneck of guards, Sharp made it back to Xu and revived him.  They slowly followed behind the group of guards that were making their way to the teleporter room.  At that moment, Internationale had 5 bodies in the teleporter and couldn't hold anymore.  I thought if she teleported out they would all leave with her (I think that's how it worked in Alpha).  Unfortunately, when I sent her away they all remained, their KO count slowly ticking down.  


Soon the encroaching guards would find the pile of bodies she had stacked and paralyzed.  When they appeared just outside the room, Sharp's cloaking rig had recharged and he popped it once again allowing them to sprint to the exit. 

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Mine is something 3 hours as well.... failed first attempt to beat final mission.

You can do a lot in invisible inc if you are careful and get a bit lucky. PING is a life saver.

I have a mission recently where two of my agents went down and internationale had to drag their butt over to the elevator. burned through 3 clips of drilling dart in a process...

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I never keep track of how long a mission has taken me, but it's very usual that by the time I've finished it I've forgotten what the mission was is the first place, it's only when Central gives her wrap-up I remember "Oh yeah, it was a Nanofab Vestibule". I blame Econ Chips.

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