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Shovel animation

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Hey, does anyone know how to add the proper digging animation state for creating a new shovel? I've been trying to add the "digging" animation by creating a new animation for it in the swap build, though so far all of my tries have been unsuccessful, and I can't find any info on it in the basecode of the shovel (or digging action)

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The shovel is a bit trickier than you'd imagine.  IIRC... the digging animation is attached to the player.  The shovel is a swap object that has several extra symbol frames in it that get cycled through during the player's digging animation.


Saying "creating a new animation for it in the swap build" is kind of like saying "creating new audio for the movie in the picture frames".  Both those things are components of movies, but they're separate components.  I talk about how they are intertwined in (some) detail over here if you care to read, which should shed some light on how the shovel animation works. 


I can also dump the data from the anim.bin for the shovel animation if you care enough.

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hmm, that's a bit sad. The only thing that looks off in the digging animation is that the shovel doesn't "disappear" in the ground, which then is attached to the player as you say. Most of the other 'animation' is just morphing the original animation.


I don't assume I could try to hard-code a new image over the digging animation if the item the player is using is item X?

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