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[Suggestions] 4th indicator - Thirst

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If you think about it this parameter is a must be of all survival based game, but it's not in Don't Starve. I am sure you are aware of it Klei and you are doing very good job there with those small steps forward updates, but my conscience must be clean. It's only an idea of how it could work imo. When you decide to implement it i know it will be perfect.


You need to drink. You need fresh water that can be obtianed from: few kinds of food like watermelon, rain with help of some collectors and mostly water ponds. + some barrels as storage units would be needed

Possible issues caused by seasons.

- Spring becouse of rains water gets spilled and dirty, need to be filtered first

- Summer, ponds drying up e.g 3/4 of them

- Autumn no problems

- Winter, ponds freezing and stored water supplies too, need to be thawed

If you examine pond by Wickerbottom: 

“ A small, but deep freshwater pond. ”


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I really want thirst in the game too, but i had a thought; what if instead of filtered water, you get damage when drinking it but you do need to drink it or you will get thirsty and get damage as if you are hungry. This would create a situation where you occasionally damage yourself in the name of one's thirst making the game very difficult and interesting to survive in.

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