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[Suggestion] Partially Visible Map When Retrying An Explored Map

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Xanzibaar    10

I agree with Baconcow. I find it very frustrating that upon death I retain all my science knowledge yet forget the entirety of my so far explored world. Being a lame gamer with unofficial OCD I have spent most of my don't starve gaming days exploring, dying and re-exploring the same territory This frustration has increased proprtionatly with the potential size of the worlds now with the latest update, especially with those amazing wormholes - So cool. But I then saw how far out you could zoom which implies a HUGE world :eek:

I love this game but no matter how hard I try to ignore the fact that I 'know' what is out there I always end up mapping it out again. I have tried taking screen shots of the map but not knowing when I'm going to die I always have a bit missing. This also increases the rate I die as I end up in a button panic frenzy trying to capture the map before dying so not fighting!! Oh what a sad person I am!!:???:

I feel that the map should remain revealed, or at least an option to do that when replaying the same world after death. I don't mind if resources are still shown or not but as they are always in the same place I see no reason why they shouldn't be shown.

As I said I love this game and I will still keep playing as I do get further along over time, but progress very sloooooowly due to my cartographic compulsions!!:???:

Keep up the excellent work guys.:D


I map therefore I am(p)

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Spider_hip    10

I totally agree. I was just about to post a new topic about this. And I found your topic. I like to see my map clear so I like to explore until all black areas are clear. And also I like to start on same map. So I don't want to spend my time to explore same areas again and again till all areas are clear.(I hate black areas when I tab) I really don't understand who disagree with this idea. They say (this is tough game, you should explore etc etc.) It's even more harmless than getting all researches when you start over. So you should learn all scientific researches again and again.Map should remain revealed if you play at same map as you explored before.

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