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  1. So it is no secret that some items in Don't Starve Together are not used as often as they should are just straight up out classed by other items or mechanics. The progression of equipment in the items of this game is a bit wonky to same the least. For a few items it makes sense, like Torches and Lanterns. Lanterns are better in every aspect compared to the Torch (except in burning potential) and you need to have 2nd tier science to make a valuable item like this. On the other hand you have the Log Suit and Marble Suit. Log Suit can easily be gotten using logs and Rope and protect against 80% of a attack. The Marble Suit has higher durability and protection (95%) then the Log Suit but slows you down. You would think the Marble Suit would be used more because it has higher stats, but that isn't the case. The Log Suit is generally preferred because the it doesn't slow you down and the materials aren't as tedious/are more useful then the Marble Suit. This isn't a complaint on hoe combat should be changed, but rather on how items can and will be preferred even if they are statistically inferior then the other (this is also just a logistical sinarieo and not a experienced one) because of factors like "Time required to make to Payoff, General Usability, and Construction Cost". Weapons: Most weapons are under used because the Hambat and Dark Sword are so easily available and so effective. Weapons like spears, cork bats, and battle spears are simply over shadowed (heh) by the fact that Hambats are so easy to get with a simple pig farm and Dark Swords just are simply the effective battle weapon and very efficient to craft as a single tree guards can give you the components for 6 Dark Swords. Other weapons provide interesting dynamics like the Morning Star's electrical properties, the Blow darts use of resource gathering for best DPS, The Bat Bat for it's use of healing you when you attack the enemy, Glass Cutter's high damage but fragile body makes it so that it offers a safer alternative to the Dark Sword, and The Thulucite Club's method of speeding up the player while also being actually good at fighting. The problem is that these rare and unique weapons are either a) too situational, b) too expensive for their cost, and c) the materials that they used can be better used in other areas. Rarer weapons should have more damage or abilities to counteract the more abundant ones, but thats not what we have. Dark Swords are simply to easy to mass produce and them being the highest damaging weapon doesn't help. Hambats also aren't on their way out because 10 days worth of durability in not match by any weapon or tool that literally can't be broken. A way to rebalence them it to simply swap the Dark Sword damage with The Thulucite Clubs and reduce the damage to 51 at the start but also having a lower damage/spoilage rate (I think of it similar to how Wx's gears in DST needed to end up in the same result but also get their slower). Swapping the Thulucite Clubs damage with the Dark Sword will make the Dark Sword as a decent weapon but give more importance to the Thulucite Club and The Glass Cutter as they are the highest damage dealers in the game and gives more importance and meaning to the weapons as they feel more like rewards the alternatives. The other ones might be fixed by having their costs reduced or their effect buffed like higher regen on the Bat Bat or higher electrical modifier on the morning star. Armor: The armor in game really aren't that area of the game where you get much verity as much of it is simply "armor that is abundant but can have less hp or reduction for all these effects" or "we have annoying or limited materials to craft us but we give you the your money's worth, maybe". The problem is that armors like the Marble Suit and Night Armor are items that have the 2nd highest protection in the game, but are seen as less important by people when you have to go out of your way to get these materials for armors that don't do anything more then protect you for a few more hit points. The reason why Thulucite is used is because the amount of it the ruins and the amount of durability each piece has really makes it good for armor for both bosses and normal everyday use and they even give special benefits when you use them, when compared to the others. The solution is to make these newer and more expesive armors more appealing so that more people can use them without feeling like they are being held back. this can simply be done by reducing the cost of the Night Armor and reducing the speed penalty from the Marble Suit. Staves & Amulets: While a majority of amulets and staves are fine, a few are...underwhelming. The fire staff is a easy example as all it does is light stuff on fire. That's it. This Staff is what a torch can do for a massively higher time and resource cost. There aren't even that many situations where it can be useful besides like maybe lighting gunpowder and lighting a few snurtle dens if you want those items. The current iteration of this staff leaves much to be desired. The Chilled Amulet is also sort of useful but only specific situations. The chilled amulet just cools you down, albeit at a absurd rate but that's it. It doesn't provide the planning or forethought like the other amulets and doesn't have any use outside of summer. It fulfills it's purpose fine, but it's still lacking. Finally, the Lazy Forger. The Lazy Forger is a great concept on paper, but its also underwhelming in practice. It picks up items instantly and puts them into your inventory instantly for 225 items. The problems are a) your inventory will quickly be filled up with random crap if you wander near something like your base or a deciduous forest or event a meteor site, b) the cost is a bit too high for something you can do within seconds with your bare hands. That isn't to say that isn't worth anything, it has it uses like picking up a lot of a handful of items and can be useful for picking stuff up from dangerous situations. but it isn't something that i would immediately craft with out a specific purpose for it. A few suggestions are 1) Add a magic attack to the fire staff with a alternative Lighting option. The fire would deal 50 damage without the possibility of being reduced or improved with modifiers, with a 5% of lighting the enemy on fire. lighting would just be the standard fire staff but adding a attack to it. This would make it feel less like of a long range torch and more of a actual weapon. 2) Have the Chilled amulet be changed to a more overall amulet with it making you reach the temperature of 35 degrees in any situation. This would give it more of a general use and would allow you to use it more situations then maintaining temperature while fishing in the oasis. 3) The Lazy Forger is fine, it just needs increased range and maybe make it cheaper? It just needs more apparent uses. Tools: Tools are weird In DST because they are essentially the building blocks you have to mold the world how ever you want, and a proper artist needs proper tools. There are 2 in particular that really aren't all that useful when you consider everything about them. The Moon Glass Axe and the Pick/Axe. The MGA is a axe with a 2.5 efficiency modifier but with only 80 uses. It is also made at the Lunar Island so there is that. The problem isn't that the item is particularly bad, its actually a really easy but effective design of fast but fragile, it's that the resources and time to get it don't make it equal a good result. The sheer time it takes to get to the lunar island, never mind mining the boulders and making the alter, is too much of a serious time sink for a axe to be useful. The Pick/Axe is essentially a pickaxe and a normal axe in one tool with a 20% efficiency boost. The problem is that in order to make it, you need to make both a axe and pickaxe, which means that you just use the axe and pickaxe separately then wasting time to combine the 2. There isn't even a way to truly fix them without them being broken as the idea of the ancient tools are simply out classed by gold ones. As @Electroely put in a thread, Gold is simply much too abundant to consider any other tool. Why go to a island to make a axe when you can just as easily make some axes out of your tsunami of gold? (Not related but why is Klei correcting axe and pickaxe so much?) So criticize me, call my idea manure, call my writing to complicated and wordy, but the main point of this thread is too shed light on how certain items are restricted in use or are out preformed by others and how they can be rebalenced to make them more useful/rewarding. Everyone have a Good night, Morning, afternoon, and evening and thanks for reading and replying.
  2. Darh's Mods Pack

    Version 1.3


    This is my tweaked mods pack. credits for their authors. no mod is mine, just balance them, fix, add content.... This pack includes: Default's item pack [<domyślny>] Additional Equipment (fixed, compatible with servers with caves) [Silentine] icepack can be open at the same time as the backpack include bunnyback and houndback from Additional Equipment DS [Silentine] Aditional Item Package (Need Many more ores) [smith3 -- MagVI] include Golden Minecart [smith3 -- MagVI] The Maxwell's Revenge (Many functions disabled but you can edit this for enable) [Don] include Light Spear [Inspector Dave](reworked) fixed year of PigKing incompatibility Steampunk [star -- Hast] Asparagus and Chocolate and Coffee[Keidence -- yuli] [Hast -- Kuloslav][Mert the Türk] Deluxe Cooking Pot [Astro -- Jankiwen] Domestication Fixed [Darcrov] Many more ores(include many mods) Moar Metals [RoG] [DST] [Cr3ePMan -- Globalastick] Tungsten Mod [ outseeker (au) -- Marqson-- Mr. Gentleman --Zarklord] Shadow Tools [FelixTheJudge -- Neu7ral] Expanded Shadow Armory [FelixTheJudge] Lunar Tools [FelixTheJudge] Marble Combat [FelixTheJudge] Felix's Explosive Bomb Pack [FelixTheJudge] Special Saddles [Ryuu -- pinkmollies] 77_Downvest [The77sim3] Mace [Mico] Spiked Mace [Mico] Blood bag [Pirate Joe -- Delicius] Booty Pack [^-,...,-^] (can be open as chest or equiped as backpack) Eelight DST [Globalastick] Lovely Chest (Fireproof) [RiverSwim] Madman's Fighting Pack [star -- Madman666] More armor [noerK -- VaneshKi] More Gold Tools(DST) [JustJasper] Moving Box [Jelly -- Peanut Butter] Notebook [KaiserKatze] Monster Hambat [kasra9400] Battle Horn [Tykvesh] Dining Table [宵征] DST Gesture wheel [rezecib] DST Minimap HUD [squeek] DST Always on status [rezecib -- &nbsp;Kiopho] Extra Equip Slots Increase Storage [Luis95R] koalefant beefstification [imperialistic dog] Simple economy [AppleMomo] Super Wall (Need Many more ores, and icludes New Walls - Reeds, Hedge, Mud, Living and Bone) [DYC] [JustJasper] Your Skeleton Respawn [Беккит]
  3. Hey guys, I have some ideas about a new character mod.. Adds:Deadpool Character in-game,5 new weapons,1 new crock pot recipe.. Deadpool will have a health regen 1 hp per min. But has a faster hunger drain by 25%Also he is immune to insanity because he already is insane.The only way to find hallunications is to go to cavesIf Deadpool dies he respawns next morning,and will reattach his body parts and gets a stats penaltyNew lines when inspecting eating or using stuffSmall chance of voiced by Nolan NorthWeapons added: 1:Bow and Arrows:The bow requires 2 saplings ,1 rope ,2 slurtle slime* .When crafted it can throw arrows as fast as the darts are thrown.It is unbreakable. There are different types of arrows.Their basic matterial is bird feathers like the darts. The first type of arrow,the classic arrow requires 2 azure feathers,1 sapling and 1 flint to be crafted.It is stealthy meaning that if you attack a beefalo (for example) the rest of the herd won't start chasing you.It deals 100 damage per arrow and in order to stack the character has to wear a quiver.The second type of arrow,the stun arrow requires 2 jet feathers,1 sapling and 2 silk to be crafted.It has the ability to lower the walking speed and damage by 35% of every mob except Spiders ,Rock Lobsters,Treeguards ,and all kinds of Tentacles .However It deals only 30 damage per arrow.In order to stack the character has to wear a quiver.The third type of arrow ,the explosive arrow requires 2 crimson feathers,1 sapling,1 nitre and it has to be lighted by any fire source (torch ,campfire or fire pit ) in order to explode when reaches the enemy's body.It deals 120 damage if it's exploding mechanism is activated (lighted by fire) and it damages all the nearby mobsas well within a range of 2 berry bushes. However if thrown without being activated it deals 40 damage andno splash damage. Quiver:Arrows also require a quiver to stack.Only one type of arrow can be saved at a quiver at a time..The arrows stack when they are saved in a quiver..The quiver is an item that can be used at the chest slot,and it is used to save items (only arrows however) like a backpack .It has only one slot wich can save up to 40 arrows of a kind.It requires 5 pig skin ,4 boards ,and 3 ropes to be crafted. 2:Musket:It requires 5 boards ,6 cut stone ,3 gears.It is a ranged weapon that requires gunpowder to shoot..It is unbreakable.When the player drags a stack of gunpowder,the musket starts to gain durability . 20 gunpowders can get consumed at the time, meaning that each gunpowder gives the musket 5% durability.It deals 100 damage per gunpowder.When it is fired it requires a 4 seconds time in order to automatically reload the musket.When the character fires the musket, a shot sound will scare and make all the passive mobs to flee (except chester ). 3:Knife:Requires 5 flint,1 hammer,2 boards to craft.It can be used both as weapon and as a tool..As a weapon it deals only 25 damage but hits faster than normal weapons...Also it can be thrown to cause 30 damage but it has to be picken up..It has 100 uses as a meele weapon,50 uses as a ranged weapon and 200 uses as a tool.It can be used to insta-harvest reeds,grass and twigs..It can also be used as a razor without wasting uses. 4:Detonating Bombs:Requires a bee mine,3 nitre and 1 gunpowder..It looks like be mine but it detonates causing blast damage ( 50 damage per bomb).It is like the Demomans stickies and it can be detonated by some distance by right clicking on them..It cant stack but it will also detonate near by bombs 5:Katana Swords:Requires a hammer,10 flint,and 1 nightmare fuel and a prestihatitator to prototype.It deals 50 damage,and has 200 uses..Also while deadpool haves them equiped they appear in his back. Foods added: Chimichangas:It requires 1 meat of any kind,1 vegetable of any kind, 1 butter and 1 egg.It replenishes all stats by 70% and Deadpool gets a killing spree boost.When the boost is enabled,Deadpool deals 50% more damage,runs like a ninja (plus 30% faster walking) and all the stats are regenerated by 3 per minute for a short time.Boost ends after 5 in game hours..*slurtle slime in order to be elastic.. Thats all..I need help with this mod.I am able to draw the scetches and write the lines... Any help is aprocciated..My account on steam:
  4. I agree with Baconcow. I find it very frustrating that upon death I retain all my science knowledge yet forget the entirety of my so far explored world. Being a lame gamer with unofficial OCD I have spent most of my don't starve gaming days exploring, dying and re-exploring the same territory This frustration has increased proprtionatly with the potential size of the worlds now with the latest update, especially with those amazing wormholes - So cool. But I then saw how far out you could zoom which implies a HUGE world I love this game but no matter how hard I try to ignore the fact that I 'know' what is out there I always end up mapping it out again. I have tried taking screen shots of the map but not knowing when I'm going to die I always have a bit missing. This also increases the rate I die as I end up in a button panic frenzy trying to capture the map before dying so not fighting!! Oh what a sad person I am!! I feel that the map should remain revealed, or at least an option to do that when replaying the same world after death. I don't mind if resources are still shown or not but as they are always in the same place I see no reason why they shouldn't be shown. As I said I love this game and I will still keep playing as I do get further along over time, but progress very sloooooowly due to my cartographic compulsions!! Keep up the excellent work guys. Xan I map therefore I am(p)
  5. this is for my thread tridents if you have any ideas like this please post in comments idea by Moonphos Pro - Longer reach (1 character distance further, still within Tentacle's range), larger damage (as Toaster Fu said). Con - Slower attack animation, weaker durability (mainly to offset the usefulness), heftier cost (than the current suggested). This needs to strike a balance though, but still able to prove its worth VS the Tooth Trap, yet not have it far too cost inefficient that a Spike/Spear will out-do it. x2 to x2.5 Spear's damage 75 Hit durability x1.5 Attack animation speed (pokey pokey)
  6. Loot 1. You should be able to place X amount of an item in your inventory, chest, or where ever you want by right clicking or holding right click. Ex. You have 40 flint. You want to put the flint in your chest, but you are going to go exploring and may need the flint. Currently you can either leave it and hope you find some or take it and take up an extra bag slot. This can be frustrating with the small amount of inventory space that there is. Sort of like how it is on minecraft I suppose. 2. You should be able to pick up an item, put it over the fire, right click, and have it cook all of your item. Clicking over and over again can be tedious. Not to mention you can accidentally drop or eat that item. Ex. You pick up some berries, put them over the fire, and right click to cook all the berries. So simple! Opinion Since you will be cooking/researching more than one item the character animation should take longer. The more you are going to cook/research then the longer it should take. Item Suggestions Note: All requirements for each items can be debated. I just sort of made them up on the spot. 1. Pockets "I should fill my pockets!" - Wilson. Yes, yes you should. Pockets can hold 1/10 of what an item would normally hold in a normal inventory slot. Ex. Logs stack up to 20. So you could carry 2 logs in your pockets. (That sounded dirty) Requires (2) pigskin to make. Research is 15. 2. Battleaxe/Sword +More Damage than spear Requires (4) cut stone, (2) rope, and (3) boards to build. Research is 185. 3. Survivalist Pack Basically a bigger backpack. Requires (5) pigskin, (5) grass, and (3) sticks to make. Has 14 slots. Research is 300. 4. Captain's Chest/Big Chest/Large Chest (Just possible names) Requires twice as many materials as a normal chest. Twice the space (18) Research 300. 5. Bow n Arrow Does as much damage as a spear. Research 100. Bow Requires (1) rope and (3) sticks. Arrow Requires (1) stick and (1) flint.
  7. The spear is a extremely well crafted weapon, but there is one problem that confused me: you can't throw it. In the next update, 3 days, if you can please squeeze the idea in if you guys like it. -HolyMan504
  8. In a game about survival, where night without light source means certain death, why would you be picky about fuel for your camp fire? Handle of your half-used pick, bird trap, trusty log suit, hats - anything, that has flammable materials in it, should go into fire if the need comes.
  9. I have steam tradeable versions of Limbo Sonic Generations Costume quest I am looking for a steam copy of Don't Starve
  10. I've noticed that in Don't Starve that flint is nonrenewable and can become scarce if you are on one game for a long time. I think we should prevent the terrible problem it would cause if you end up like me and cannot make tools because you cannot find flint on your world that you have so much progress on. To prevent this I believe that bone tools need to be added. So that almost every animal drops bones. Beefalo = 10 Rabbit = 4 Bird = 2 Bird Thing = 10 Hound = 7 and think of numbers for other creatures I haven't listed because I haven't encountered them yet. I think that the blue prints should be: Bone Axe = 2 Bones 1 Twig - Bone Pickaxe = 4 Bones 1 Twig - Bone Shovel - 3 Bones 1 Twig - Bone Spear = 4 Bones 1 Rope 1 Twig I am not completely sure of the accuracy of these blueprints. I believe that they might need some tweaking before they enter the game. I also think that there should be a new weapon added. The blueprint would be: 3 Bones 1 Rope. This would make a Bone Mace. This would have the effectivity of a spear. I also think that another weapon should be added aswell. The blueprint is: 2 Bones 2 Rope. This would make a Bone Flail. I also have an idea for Bone Armor. This would require 20 Bones and 3 Rope. This would be twice the durability of the logsuit and the same damage resistance. These bone items should have less durability as the original items. (excluding the armor) I am just brainstorming here. i understand if these aren't added. I hope nonetheless that they will be added. If these ideas are added would be amazed that my idea made a difference.