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[Help]Could I make some different items to create the a same new item?

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I wish make a "lighting powder" items from tab. I think "firefiles" or "light nulb"  item as a material. But I look for some mods. Seem not more material could make a product. like "fireflies" --> "lighting powder" or "light nulb" --> "lighting powder", and just one column. anybody suggest?

local lightingpowder = GLOBAL.Recipe("lightingpowder",				{ 	Ingredient("fireflies", 1) },					RECIPETABS.REFINE,					TECH.SCIENCE_TWO, 					nil,					nil,					nil,																3)

Ingredient("fireflies", 1) or Ingredient("lightbulb", 1) is working?

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as an easy way ofc u could just make several different recipes that create the same item, but with different ingredients.

since u probably also want to decide, which item to use to build it, this would probably be the better way.

alternatively, something that might(!) maybe work is to give a function either to Recipie() or Ingredient(), which returns the item u have in your inventory. however, this would be pretty hacky, and iam not sure if it would work at all.

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