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  1. Days 17xx, 3 Players online. profile 20150215
  2. Hi, bizziboi I already update the dedicated server to 126778, i will collect the profile file to you continuously. A large number players on-line in our server at night(GMT+8 20:00-24:00), we will collect the profile file at this time to you. But our server is too lag exceed 9 players online, after 1500 game days. We can only provide you with 9 players on-line of profile-file. 6 players online, goodhost to okhost. profile 20150213
  3. My Server: CPU: Intel E1231 V2 RAM: 8 G HDD: 500G OS: Windows 7 64 bit Pro SP1 Server Name: [TW]Atena's World Days: 14xx Seems loading 1 CPU. The other CPU core not work.