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  1. Hello! I create a new mod call "Security Box" to lock items, like "Ownership" mod, but I wish to do new item and add new function.(look figures). I test it normally at Host game and I publish it to Steam Workshop. When I download it from Steam workshop and install it in my dedicated server. It happen error and crash my DST client, Please anyone tell me what 's happen? Security box prefab code following:
  2. I make a new food item, the food could change character property(like temperature), but I don't want the monster(spider, hound...) or pigman eat it, because the monster seems not this components(temperaturem talk...), How could I do?
  3. Days 17xx, 3 Players online. profile 20150215
  4. Hi, bizziboi I already update the dedicated server to 126778, i will collect the profile file to you continuously. A large number players on-line in our server at night(GMT+8 20:00-24:00), we will collect the profile file at this time to you. But our server is too lag exceed 9 players online, after 1500 game days. We can only provide you with 9 players on-line of profile-file. 6 players online, goodhost to okhost. profile 20150213
  5. My Server: CPU: Intel E1231 V2 RAM: 8 G HDD: 500G OS: Windows 7 64 bit Pro SP1 Server Name: [TW]Atena's World Days: 14xx Seems loading 1 CPU. The other CPU core not work.