Bread recipe to get sandwiches.

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Can we get a bread recipe please, and sandwiches.

Combine 4 seeds to create "dough" in crock pot.

Dough would have very little hunger and health values, similar to "wet goop".

However then we can take "dough" to the fire and cook it there, to get bread.

Bread would have hunger and health values by itself, something mid-range.

However then we can bring it (bread) back to the crock pot, and combine it with other ingredients to get "SANDWICHES".

The perk of Sandwiches would be, that they are stack-able in your inventory, and would have higher levels for hunger and health than any other stack-able food. A perfect snack for the road and exploration.

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You know I can't see bread being a problem added in (if there is someone correct me I have a habit of being wrong sometimes)? But I don't like the idea of it value health (again if I'm wrong correct and forgive me).

Also the question about a sandwich, there technically already is sandwich though it is called a Froggle Bunwich, which you make using a crock pot. But I can see you were suggesting other sandwiches like with meat and bread. But you know it would be good to have different sandwiches and foods.

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Well its not just about diversifying the menu, but the extra steps you have to take in cooking it, should yield some additional positive properties, for all the work put into it.

I think the main advantage of the sandwiches over other crock pot cooked foods, would be the stacking. So you can have multiple sandwiches taking up only one slot in your inventory, at the same time having a bit bigger values for hunger, over other stack-able foods, such as cooked pumpkin.

As for the bread, the moment I got "wet goop" out of seeds in crock pot, my first reaction was to bring it to the fire to bake it. Was really surprised when no option of "cooking" it was available over the fire pit. I ate it, thinking that maybe its suppose to be like a porridge/kasha, but then it didn't add any points to hunger or health, and that was really weird.

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