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  1. Trying to solve this... Quick question. This puzzle is self-contained, right? I mean we do not need to know anything outside of what is written here. We can solve it by just looking at RMLDPFBL'VIHFBYILTKINZRMTNMWL'GIZUHVEGYFRTRIUFWV W'RETVRLBFVLHTNSMRGLGVKPVFIBLIZYMRSHIKZ.SPZGMFLB IULMZVHNDZLVZVNTWNZVPKVKFOZOSVGXVRIMRWOVYPDIL! 1454%11%4631724392446553327434233%10%4 right?
  2. Yeah I can see that. Each state, skinny, fit, fat, would require an entire set of animations, making the work load for animation artists that much bigger. Multiply that by number of characters in the game.... yeah... Sucks though, an interesting idea. Maybe in "Don't Starve 2" ? Hehe
  3. I love this idea!It would be nice to balance in the vegie vs. meat diet with seasons in mind.Lets say in the summer you can eat more vegies, which would push you more towards "skinny", and you would have to compensate that with a little bit of meat to stay "fit", giving you all the perks.However for the winter, you would be forced to go on a more meaty / preserved food diet, which would tend to push character more into "fat", and would have to be compensated with more activity to burn off calories, to stay within "fit".I would keep it simpler than what op is proposing. Keep the same values of food for hunger bar, so you would need to fill it as you would before, but just have separate values for "fatness". So you still need to fill your pie hole with food, but you need to be careful as to the balance of food, so you balancing hanger vs. fatness. Also this would force more activity from the player. My character has been sitting for the past 50 days out of 100+ on its ass on the far, basically doing nothing, as he simply doesn't NEED to do anything to survive anymore. He would definitely get a lot more fatter, and thus more sluggish in the combat, which would make hounds that more dangerous.... I'm killing my guy off, the fat bastard...
  4. I like this. What is the point of hardcore difficulty game with permadeath, when the map stays the same, and you already know all the sweet spots. Not only that, but your research points and researched items, move with you through the death. You die, that's it. A new game is literally a NEW game.
  5. There is a lot of use for the grass, and I personally go through A LOT of grass for all sorts of needs, from rope to Straw rolls, to using it in research machine. Basically, if I'm not collecting poop, I'm cutting grass.Can we please have a sickle for faster grass cutting? Right now the animation takes about second and a half. For a grass field of around 40 stalks, it takes a whole minute to just collect all of them. Might not be much reading it here, but it slows down the game-play considerably, when playing. A sickle would cut down time to almost instant. Like picking up poop. Just click and its done.
  6. Straw roll.... can sleep without fire. One click at dusk, and its instant morning. Makes me think that it might be a great camping accessory when wondering away from the base. Instead of chopping the trees for camp fires, and waiting for the wrath of tree guardian, just stack up on the rolls. They take a bit of straw to create, but they are stack-able, so just prepare yourself at your base, for the journey. Once out, you don't need to set up the fire, just unroll the roll and go to sleep. Hounds attack during the day as well, when skipping the night.
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70828 Issue title Tooth traps on smallbirds. Steps to reproduce Make tooth trap #1. Set tooth trap #1. Hatch tall-bird egg to get small-bird. Make tooth trap #2. Set tooth trap #2. Describe your issue Tooth traps created and set BEFORE hatching small-birds will ignore them and won't trigger on them. Tooth traps that were created AFTER hatching small-birds, will activate if small-bird steps on it, and will kill that bird. As much as I don't want my small-birds to die, it seems like a bug, and traps should be triggered no matter if they were created and set prior to hatching an egg.
  8. Well its not just about diversifying the menu, but the extra steps you have to take in cooking it, should yield some additional positive properties, for all the work put into it. I think the main advantage of the sandwiches over other crock pot cooked foods, would be the stacking. So you can have multiple sandwiches taking up only one slot in your inventory, at the same time having a bit bigger values for hunger, over other stack-able foods, such as cooked pumpkin. As for the bread, the moment I got "wet goop" out of seeds in crock pot, my first reaction was to bring it to the fire to bake it. Was really surprised when no option of "cooking" it was available over the fire pit. I ate it, thinking that maybe its suppose to be like a porridge/kasha, but then it didn't add any points to hunger or health, and that was really weird.
  9. Can we get a bread recipe please, and sandwiches. Combine 4 seeds to create "dough" in crock pot. Dough would have very little hunger and health values, similar to "wet goop". However then we can take "dough" to the fire and cook it there, to get bread. Bread would have hunger and health values by itself, something mid-range. However then we can bring it (bread) back to the crock pot, and combine it with other ingredients to get "SANDWICHES". The perk of Sandwiches would be, that they are stack-able in your inventory, and would have higher levels for hunger and health than any other stack-able food. A perfect snack for the road and exploration.