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Custom Craftable/Placeable Item? (Like a chest or campfire)

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EXAMPLE PROJECT HERE: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=445182091


Is there a sample mod anywhere which shows the structure of a placeable item like a chest?

-Has crafting recipe

-Placeable in the world (like a campire)


I've tried to work my way through but can't get my item to be placeable after clicking on the crafting recipe.


my recipe is as follows: 

local myprefab = AddRecipe("myprefab", {Ingredient("boards", 1)}, GLOBAL.RECIPETABS.FARM,  GLOBAL.TECH.NONE)

myprefab.atlas = "images/inventoryimages/myprefab.xml"

But when I click on it it just completes and doesn't let me place it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


my file structure: http://i.imgur.com/60IpMo2.png

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local myrecipe = AddRecipe("myprefab", -- name

{Ingredient("boards", 1)}, -- ingredients



"myprefab", -- placer

nil, -- min_spacing

nil, -- nounlock

nil, -- numtogive

nil, -- builder_tag

"images/inventoryimages/myprefab.xml", -- atlas

"myprefab.tex") -- image

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local myrecipe = AddRecipe("myprefab", -- name{Ingredient("boards", 1)}, -- ingredientsGLOBAL.RECIPETABS.FARM, -- tabGLOBAL.TECH.NONE, -- level"myprefab", -- placernil, -- min_spacingnil, -- nounlocknil, -- numtogivenil, -- builder_tag"images/inventoryimages/myprefab.xml", -- atlas"myprefab.tex") -- image

thanks for the explanations, I knew i was missing some fields. that fixed that issue but it seems to be invisible and nonexistant...

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MakePlacer returns a prefab.

You have two prefabs with the same name.


Try using:

MakePlacer("common/myprefab_placer", "myprefab", "myprefab", "idle")

and puttin myprefab_placer in AddRecipe.

I don't think im following, putting that line in modmain causes a crash. To be honest I'm not even sure my file structure is correct. I only have 1 prefab which is the myprefab.lua

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In your prefab.lua, you have:

return Prefab("common/myprefab", fn, assets, prefabs),       MakePlacer("common/myprefab", "myprefab", "myprefab", "idle")

Edit that MakePlacer line.

Ok, the collision box is in place when built but there is still no art being shown. 

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If you c_spawn("myprefab") via the console, does something show up?

no but the hitbox is there so the prefab is being created in the world.


while writing this i reworked the animation and spriter files. Got it showing up in game. thanks for your help man, I really appreciate it! I'm going to upload a sample structure template for future people to use for their mods since there isnt much documentation.

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