HOTFIX: May 15, 2015

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  • Fixed font rendering of language packs on certain OS X / Linux machines
  • Fix for a possible crash when getting a tooltip on a null drone who was standing on an item while Paradox was installed
  • Fixed a crash while showing the tooltip of Holocircuit Overloaders on the character info screen
  • Fixed current language setting not being assigned correctly immediately after downloading the language pack
  • Fixed a possible crash if setting a shock trap on the final mission exit doors
  • Fix for missing animation on Akuma drone if it shot while standing over a unit
  • Fixed possible error while tooltipping over the Sprint button
  • A few typo fixes
  • Fixed possible crash when a guard is killed whiloe opening a guard elevator door
  • Fixed possible crash when Countermeasures was activated
  • Fixed an error that occurred while clicking End Turn while the courier/prisoner was shot, or while dragging a body
  • Allow the game's default font textures to be used if a language pack doesn't include font texture overrides
  • Fix for possible crash while a guard was shot while moving
  • Fix for camera vision not quite matching its sight rendering. This will only impact new missions.
  • Fixed rare crash while a grenade guard's path overlapped with another guard. This will only impact new missions.
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