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Game crashed upon startup.

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Brook    583

Thanks for providing the logs and dump file.  I took a look, and it appears that the game is crashing inside your nVidia graphics driver. Unfortunately it's not clear why.


A few things to try if you haven't already:

  • Make sure your nVidia drivers are up to date (actually... they appear to be from the dxdiag)
  • Try launching the game with the -windowed option
  • If you've used the nVidia control panel to set any custom graphics options, try resetting everything back to defaults.

If you have any other software running such as screen capture, hotkey management, that kind of thing, try shutting that down to make sure that it isn't interfering with the game.

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Hello, I have the same problem and the -window option fixed it.  I am unable to change the game into a full screen mode anymore even though it worked initially.  I did update my Nvidia drivers recently, but I also was mucking around in the Nvidia control panel because I think the game is utilizing my onboard Intel GPU instead of my Geforce 750m.  I was trying to force it to use the 750m.  I tried to reset everything but it still doesn't work.  For some reason the Nvidia control panel actually thinks the game is Blitzkrieg II.  I think my laptop is haunted.  

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