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How to setup dualshock 4?

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I have had a key to play DST for quite some time now but haven't been able to really play up until now.

I am looking for directions or for anyone to direct me to a link on how to properly setup my pc to play with a dualshock 4. I usually play on my ps4 and do not wish to play with mouse/keyboard.

So far, I have read that I need some type of drivers but do not know which ones to get and which are legit or guaranteed to work. In addition, I have searched and found that I need to 'button map' something. Also, I am not sure if I need to put anything in the game directory folder for dst for it to work properly.

Thank you.

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Ok, search in google: SCP Driver, this software change the drivers to allow the use of the PS3 and PS4 joysticks on a any pc, if you have a bluetooth dongle you could plug it in wireless mode.

This awesome driver turn your joystick into a XBOX 360 joystick for the computer, then you can play all the games that allow this controller, just like don't starve.

Now for the inputs, you will see the buttons a. b, y and x, but you can change it with a mod in the workshop for the ps4 buttons. I hope I was clear, any question Im still here and remember, DON'T USE MOTION JOY

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