[General] - Game cannot find Dapperness.lua file?


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Game cannot find Dapperness.lua file?

Issue Description: I've been trying to bug test my mod, my friend who does all the coding isn't having any problems and I seem to be the only one with this issue.

I know it's not my mod, or any of the other mods I have installed in the game. I've tested everything and I still get the same error.

I've also tried reinstalling the game about 3 times with no luck through Steam.

Steps to Reproduce: I have attached my log file for you.

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I got it fixed. I added dapperness.lua to my mod Chester Family for the time being. I had another older character activated that for some reason requires dapperness and the modder who created him hasn't been online to update this character in a long long time.

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