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  1. Following because I wanna know if any changes happen to chester for this. (Mainly because I'm the creator of the chester family and I'm looking into a way of making chesters happy little family able to go on the boats as well)
  2. So, in the chester family, I have been trying to figure out HOW exactly to turn a chester into a crockpot. Is it a widget, an added ability like a fridge, or something else? I'm at a total loss on this. This ability would go to Stovester as his evolved form. I also have been toying with the idea of having it so you'd need to have the Ladle (his eyebone) inside of the crockpot as a special slot in order to use him as a crockpot. I've also been trying to figure out if he needs extra animations for when the food is done cooking, or if that's something not required. I'd prefer that he didn't need the animation just because of the fact that it's a LOT of extra added work and headache to add on top of trying to understand this mess of code. If I could just have the small glow of a crockpot for while he's in use as the indicator then that's good enough for me.
  3. token generation doesnt seem to work, I have the file with the cluster and it's still not working.
  4. It's been a good long while since I've made a dedicated server for DST, and I'm noticing the authentication token file isn't working AT ALL! I didn't even get a settings.ini file. All I wanna do is attempt to see if DST will load properly for my boyfriend and I to play on the same network (we live together FYI) but ever since the latest updates, we haven't been able to play. I've been plugging away trying with the dedicated server but it's not working.
  5. That's just it, I've actually taken apart the new animations, and put them back together so they look the way they should but they still go invisible. And I had some help with the code being redone using the new lua file.
  6. I'll look tomorrow, my problem is discord and my ISP dont like each other at all so I'll attempt it tomorrow when it's not almost 1am.
  7. That or I do own a teamspeak server. Only problem is if I am going to upgrade it to host more than 15 people at once, I need some donations (like 50 bucks)
  8. If anyone is interested, I am working on fixing up and updating the Birds and Berries and Trees mod. The modder stated in a topic that he didn't know how to fix it and then abandoned it. I had help with updating the prefab BUT it seems for whatever reason, the animations keep bugging out, so when I fix them, the bushes then go invisible. Add me on Steam if you can help me out with this! Im kooky112
  9. I'm trying to fix up a mod for DST right now. I have to recode all of the bushes in this mod because it's such a mess. I had to start with re-doing the animation files because those were done wrong, and work my way through those. Next will be taking the new berry bush prefab code and reworking everything. Ugh!
  10. Hi Im the creator of the Chester Family. I'm aboard for this! I love the idea, I actually went back to my old job where I schedule my own tasks on whatever day just so I can keep up wit hthe chester family mod and get more down and dirty with the code.
  11. I get the same issue... but without mods. Really weird when this bug began for me because all I did was adjust some sound settings. I tried resetting back to default but that didn't work.
  12. I have an AT&T Uverse router... how do I disable multicast on that?????????????
  13. My server isn't showing up period. I've attempted to change ports, port forward, no luck. It was worknig fine yesterday.