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Ping Not Showing at Lobby

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Since high ping impacts the game too much, Australian people have to play with other Aussies (or Oceanics) to get reasonable ping. When I'm looking for a server to join, I always sort by Ping.
Today a friend on my list sent me the name of the server he was playing in (called Stinga), He told me the ping is about 80 (so clearly a local game).  While sorting by ping, it wasn't near the top. 


Instead I had to scroll right down to find it and noticed THIS:


The game wasn't able to detect the ping of this particular server (as well as many other servers) so it didn't get bumped up in the list.


This is a HUGE problem for me (and maybe other Australians), because it is hard to find a game that is low ping. I can't just join any game, it lags too much. And if myself or other Australians are hosting and we can't see each other's ping in the server list, then we can't join each other's games!


What is causing this and how to avoid it?


(posted here because it's not technically a bug(?))




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