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  1. An item or building similar in effect to a lighthouse for ships. Marks the location of where it is built on the map for new joining players, even if it is in unexplored fog of war. (IMO the mod Global Positions should just be implemented into the base game, with an option to turn it off (e.g. for PvP)) Other Essentials: A way to repair Armour just like how Sewing Kit repairs insulated clothing? Or perhaps too OP?A portable fire extinguisher. Left on the ground, Activates once a fire is detected nearby, then disappears after use. Can be turned off. (Or can be hand-held?)Some kind of reusable Magic item that does AoE damage (like an Arcane Staff), so that access to AoE is not only restricted to Wendy/Abigail. Walls that actually cost the amount they are worth. Right now they tend to be more of an aesthetics item, usually built in late-game when your food situation has been stabilized. Usually can't get good enough returns for them when built early because they cost too much.A target dummy that acts as a decoy absorbing attention from for you so you can manage large hordes of attackers more easily. (kind of like what Chester does accidentally)A weapon specifically designed to target shadow creatures and cannot be used to attack any other creatures?Thought of other stuff but not essentials. Some more fancy ideas unrelated to OP's topic: More ways to craft and customize your base (outside of just walls and turfs), and a way for your base design to actually have a impact on its effectiveness. The Ice Flingomatic was an interesting idea, it does certainly change the shape of the base you are required to have, and puts restrictions on the people who like crafting fancy bases.More craftable decorations also be a welcome. Perhaps a Watchtower that lets you climb up to see further out into the map. Or buildable statues that's there to look good (and maybe regen a tiny bit of sanity)A Jukebox that plays different preset music to all players nearby.Also would not mind another economical way to deal damage to creatures that is NOT boring old melee. Like bow and arrow. But you would need to rebalance enemy creatures to be fiercer with more abilities that close in on the player faster. The combat atm is hardly exciting.
  2. I remember on stream they were talking about how their art guys have had a lot of free time while the coders were working on this whole RoG-port thing, so they remarked on how they've create a whole lot of new assets. So I could only assume these new assets are going to end up becoming a 2nd expansion pack for the game. And that makes a lot of sense, because I can hardly see an entire Klei studio grinding to a stand-still because they couldn't work out how to port caves to DST. They're definitely working on stuff. Or perhaps I am wrong, Klei is doing nothing except porting caves to DST (sarcasm).
  3. Hi we found a bug where our world spawned without any clockwork enemies of any kind. http://puu.sh/gV02k/84abea7180.jpg Because of that we could not obtain gears before summer for a ice-flingometer which ruined our game. The settings for clockworks in our game were clearly set to default (untouched). I've never seen it happen in normal DST so I can only assume it's an RoG bug. We weren't using any mods that modify game generation, only quality of life mods like Global Positions, Where's my Beefalo, Wormhole marks, Health Info and Always on Status.