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Resolution Assistance!

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I accidentally changed my resolution from 1080x1900 to 2715 x 1527 in game. My desktop resolution was and still is 1080x1900 but I can't change the settings in the game back to 1080x1900 and I can only see the top left portion of the screen. I am no very computer savvy and I am not quite sure how to fix this. I have tried deleting the local files and re installing the game but that did not work. I am not sure how to access the actual settings of the game without having the game open (and when it is open I can no longer see any of the tabs in game to do so). Please help!


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You will be able to reset your graphics and resolution back to their default settings by deleting the game's "settings.ini" file. The file can be found in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\settings.ini

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