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Complete immunity?

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So one of my characters has a follower and it ALWAYS dies to the tentacles.


Is it possible to make it so my follower completely ignores tentacles + does not get aggro'ed when the tentacle swipes at the owner? I just want the follower to ignore tentacles completely while being immune to them at the same time.


Much is appreciated!


Edit:I forgot to say that i'm using Abigail's brain. Not a custom one.

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I am going to assume your follower is an Abigail's clone. Abigail's brain doesn't affect Abigail's targets.


If your follower doesn't have the character, monster, or animal tag, the tentacles will ignore it unless it hits them.

Your character shouldn't have these tags if it's like Abigail.


So the problem is that Abigail is hitting the tentacles.


Abigail's retarget function makes her mad against tentacles or anything that is targeting you, or you targeting them.

So you want this:

local function Retarget(inst)    return FindEntity(inst, 20, function(guy)        return inst._playerlink ~= nil            and inst.components.combat:CanTarget(guy)            and (guy.components.combat.target == inst._playerlink or                inst._playerlink.components.combat.target == guy)			and guy.prefab ~= "tentacle"    end)end

and Abigail won't target the tentacle. However...


Abigail has an aura that hits (auratest(inst, target)):

- not the player linked to her

- Abigail's combat target

- entities with their combat target as Abigail or Wendy

- not the player that she follows, or the entities that follow the player

- something that is not he player, is monster or is prey


so what we do is add something to make the aura not attack the tentacle, pissing it off:

local function auratest(inst, target)    if target and target.prefab == "tentacle" then        return false    end    if target == inst._playerlink then        return false    end    if inst.components.combat.target == target then        return true    end    local leader = inst.components.follower.leader    if target.components.combat.target ~= nil        and (target.components.combat.target == inst or            target.components.combat.target == leader) then        return true    end    if leader ~= nil        and (leader == target            or (target.components.follower ~= nil and                target.components.follower.leader == leader)) then        return false    end    return not target:HasTag("player") and target:HasTag("monster") or target:HasTag("prey")end

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As expected, your recommended changes were the trick I needed to stop the follower from being an enraged suicidal lunatic.

But if a tentacle does manage to smack it, shes in forever long stunlock because the tentacle just attacks non-stop. Is there anyway to just make it so  shes completely immune to the stunlock and damage of the tentacles?


Thanks btw!


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@rons0n, put this after adding the combat component:

local self = inst.components.combatlocal old = self.GetAttackedfunction self:GetAttacked(attacker, damage, weapon, stimuli)	if attacker and attacker.prefab == "tentacle" then		return true	end	return old(self, attacker, damage, weapon, stimuli)end
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@DarkXero This worked wonderfully! No longer do I have to see my follower needlessly die to tentacles because of infinite stunlock. This also removes the exploit of having the follower kill off tentacles freely!


Thanks as always, DarkXero!

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