"Lights Out" setting for servers.

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I've reported this as a bug before but I think it settles more as a suggestion/feedback/complaint.

When joining/hosting a wilderness server with the "Lights Out" setting, you come with a spawn light that doesn't stay for very long. Most of the time, there are not any twigs or grass in the vicinity to make a torch, forcing you to die an unpleasant, gruesome death. So basically, unless you're Willow, you're screwed.

I think there needs to be another way to change this so that we don't have to risk our lives to find grass and twigs in complete darkness.

For survival servers, the items left in the chest run out quickly, and anybody who joins after everything's been taken will likely die and haunt the rest of the world and what we have left. This forces us to have to make a care package for them instead, but of course you always have to consider greedy people who take everything in the package and griefers which is a whole diff topic.

There are also different animals which won't be able to breed such as volt goats, and there were only up to 3 on my server. And still no mushtrees as well. There's a couple more that I could include but generally I'm hoping that Klei can focus on Lights Out for wilderness servers to fix the limited amount of light and resources we have at the start. Of course, it's not really a big priority but I still think it's something they should fix.

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