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Error code E_EMAIL_IN_USE

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I have been unable to enjoy Don't Starve Together BETA for one simple reason. The Email I wish to use is in use already and I know why.


The Email I wish to use is registered on another Steam Account. The reason my Email is already in use is because I first tried out the game on my friend's Steam Account. My friend purchased the game but had never played it. Little did I know that once I entered my Email it would register on his Steam Account.


I have purchased the game on my personal Steam Account and I can not play it for this exact reason.


I emailed Klei Support twice about this matter and it has become frustrating that I can not enjoy the game with my family and friends.


Thank You

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Hey there Ysgramor, I checked our system and found your ticket. Looks like we were waiting for you to provide some info about the situation, but I was able to fix it for you. You should be able to log into your own steam account and use your email address again.

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