[General] - Black screen and error message when connecting to a server.


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Black screen and error message when connecting to a server.

Issue Description: So yesterday my friend sent me a copy of DST via steam so that we could play online together. After installing I tried to connect to his server via the "Join Friend" function. This resulted in a black screen with the error message (see screenshot attached) followed by a crash when I tried to close the game. I then tried to connect to some random servers which also resulted in the same error message.

I later released that I could in fact create my own server, but when he tried to connect he got the same error message.

I've seen one or two posts mentioning this but have not yet found a conclusion. Any help would be appreciated.

Steps to Reproduce: All information is included in the description. I can't tell you how to reproduce this as I have no idea why it is happening in the first place.

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  • Developer

Hey @PotatoKiller99, would you please upload your "log.txt"  this file describes the problems you encountered the last time you ran the game.


The file is located in, My Documents,  under the Klei folder.


On my system the file is located here:




-Mark Laprairie



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  • Developer



Sorry for the super delayed response!  


Yikes- that's definitely not the right log file :-)


I have to ask a few more follow up questions:


Are you on OSX or Linux?

If you are on Windows, 

- Is the entire "Klei" directory missing from your "Documents" directory?

- Are you using a non-english windows username, or a network drive-  basically anything that would make a funky path?

- Can you try starting DontStarveTogether in administrator mode?  Right click on the executable, and click run as administrator.


Sorry for playing 20 questions,  I just want to make sure I can help this time around!






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Oh right! Turns out I was in the wrong place entirely, I was looking in the steam folder. Oops!

So yea I got the right log file attached to this post :-)


Yea i'm using Windows with nothing non-english hanging about.

Admin mode is a little bit funky with steam but it doesn't seem to change anything :(


And I don't mind waiting or answering questions, I'm just glad to have someone on the case :-)


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  • Developer

Hi @PotatoKiller99


Hmmm, for some reason your game can't seem to figure out where your documents directory is.


You could try telling it to save in another location by doing the following.


Create a save directory (say c:\DontStarveTogether) and then launch the game with that as the save directory:


- In steam right-click the game in your library

- Select 'properties'

- Click 'Set launch options'

- Enter '-persistent_storage_root c:\Don'tStarveTogether' (without the quotes)

- Close dialog.

- And the next one

- Launch the game.


Let me know if that does anything for you?

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