Have great idea, but no talent.


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Might be just more ringing in ears but I had an idea for a character way before RoG, acctually during beta when Winter was announced. I sparked mild interest then but not enough to get the guy made, I was hoping I could get a small team or even one guy if you're that boss to make on teensy, hopefully simple character. Without further ado, I present Wellington.


Beefalo Wellington

*Grass eating vegetarian with 11 stomachs.

*Easily spooked.

*Has a very tick fur coat.


To summarize his abilities, Wellington only eats vegetables but can also eat grass which gives a very small bit of hunger back. He also has "11 stomachs" which means he holds more food and digests it slower than other characters. His being easily spooked is simply because he's a penut sized brained beefalo so he jumps at shadows and spiders and everything really meaning sanity penalties for him are overall greater. His fur coat was borrowed from Wilson's beard, it would go through a few levels of thickness, at its thickest providing him with enough winter protection you can survive without thermal gear, but you'll still want something more in the long run. To off balance this ofcourse he can shave his hide off which will leave him nekkid, in this state he has the same insuation as everyone else, giving him a fighting chance for RoG summer.


I hope someone picks this up I really want to see wellington come to life.


EDIT: Oh and, if anyone comes to me offering tutorials, well please just don't. I tried that path ages ago when I first had this idea, when I said "no talent" in the title, Im not joking, even having my hand held through the whole process it'd probably take longer and annoy all involved than just picking up the project.


I'd also like reserve the right to chime in with creative opinions, mostly with the art or character dialogue.

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Just try it!

all it takes is commitment and if what u say in your profile is true, i would say u have commitment.
Just install http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/950-extended-sample-character/ and the "dont stave mod tools", start dont starve and u have a character to work from. Replace the artwork in the mod one by one, start even with simple drawings, u can make better artwork later, if u are motivated.

As for the coding of eating grass and stuff, it sounds simple enough from what experience i have so far, so iam sure pple would help u, probably even give u completed code and tell u where to put it.

Here the tutorial for the mod i linked above #worldssimpliestcharactertutorial

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we all do. it sometimes takes me hours to fix a simple wrong string on one of my items actions, but i dont give up, i keep trying, keep searching the gamefiles, the forums, and asking for help till i fix it. just commit to it, its worth it in the end!  just do the art with gimp on the http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/950-extended-sample-character/ that should be pretty straight forward(ill even help u there, if u need it) and we will help u through the coding(which doesnt sound too hard for your character)!

(btw i cant find _Q_)

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I don't exactly like the idea of having to bribe someone to do this, but I also don't want this mod to go unmade, I'm willing to go in no more than 20$ in this endeavor, wouldn't seem right paying more for a single mod than what I paid for DS itself...

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ok, now this is getting really sketchy, im my opinion.

1st) i dont know this, but paying for a mod might not even be allowed (by klei or by steam), and it also kinda feels wrong to me.

2nd) 20$ are nothing compared to the time u need to create such a mod. dont starve doesn't cost 20$, it costs 20$ times all the pple that bought it. mods are passionprojects, i spent an immoral amount of hours on my own mod in the last 4 weeks, cause i love it.

sry if i overreact, but yeah... after i try to encourage u, u just wanna bribe pple... making this mod is really not that hard, it just takes time...

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