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AI Questions

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1. How close must I be to AI for them to run their routines? I.E If I want my homeless bee's to plant more flowers, can they be 2-3 screen lengths away while continuing to do this?


2. If I herd some Beefalo elsewhere, will they stay in the one spot after the effect of the horn wears off?


3. If I herd 5 Beefalo away from a herd of 10, will they start a new herd and eventually raise their population to the max?



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Some general info, the range is roughly 64 units from any player.  However, not everything stops for entities out of range.  Brains will pause, but components and scheduled task updates will continue to run.

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Where tiles are 4x4 units, so 64 units is 16 tiles away from the player.


For the beefalo stuff, as far as I can tell it's pretty hit-or-miss. You'll either hit the herd recalculation close to where you stop, or you won't, and if you do, they'll want to be where they were when it occurred, or otherwise all the way back where you took them from.

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I have a few questions I've not been able to find the answer to, regarding what's described in the title.


1. How far away can we be from NPC's for them to run their behaviors. I know if you are too far away, they kind of freeze. E.G Homeless bee's will only pollinate and spread flowers if you are nearby.


2. When leading a Beefalo herd with a Beefalo horn, will they drift back to their original herd location once the horn's effects wear off?


3. Continuing on from question 2, do herded Beefalo form new herds if they don't drift back to their original location? In this way, I would imagine they can reach the max herd size during mating season.

1. I believe it is most likely three frames off screen, but not entirely sure.


2. Yes


3. Yes they will form a new herd if they forget about their previous home. You must trap them until they do.

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