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Use an item to toggle a setpeice?

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Hey, I've been learning a lot about modding, but there's something that I want to do, that I'm not sure is possible.  I've looked around, and I haven't been able to find someone who has asked about this.


Is it possible to spawn a setpiece next to the character, when the character uses a certain item?


For example, the character uses a "Insta-forest" item, and a 6x6 setpiece full of trees appears.


Any smart folks who might have an idea how to do this?



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Is there a way to remove a certain nearby prefab, so I can toggle the spawn on and off, to make portible items, like a science machine that you can spawn and despawn at the use of a item?

Thanks for the help!


Yes, you can assign a variable to a prefab when you're spawning it, and it's simple to remove a prefab.


inst.mything = SpawnPrefab("researchlab")



The only difficulty I can think of is the player quitting when the prefab is still existing. It'd probably suffice to force-undo it when quitting. (I had in mind setting "persists" to false, so it doesn't get saved, and the item would simply set itself to full when loading)

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