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Induce insanity when someone else equips custom item....

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I have created a custom character with a custom item.  I do not want to make the item character specific or I would use the tutorial for that.  Instead I would simply like to induce insanity like the Nightmare Amulet when when a character other than the custom character welds it.  I am putting this bit of code below in the local function onequip of the custom item.  I know I am not either calling the right variables or not calling them correctly for the "if" statement.   I am trying to test if the owner is not playercharacter ninjajoe.  If not then induce insanity.




If ninjajoe equips the item = nothing happens


if wilson (or any other character) equips the item = induce insanity.

	if owner ~= ("ninjajoe") then	owner.components.sanity:SetInducedInsanity()	end

Any suggestions?

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This is the purple amulet code:

---PURPLElocal function induceinsanity(val, owner)    if owner.components.sanity ~= nil then        owner.components.sanity:SetInducedInsanity(val)    endendlocal function onequip_purple(inst, owner)    owner.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_body", "torso_amulets", "purpleamulet")    if inst.components.fueled then        inst.components.fueled:StartConsuming()            end    induceinsanity(true, owner)endlocal function onunequip_purple(inst, owner)    owner.AnimState:ClearOverrideSymbol("swap_body")    if inst.components.fueled then        inst.components.fueled:StopConsuming()            end    induceinsanity(nil, owner)end


What you want:

local function induceinsanity(val, owner)    if owner.components.sanity ~= nil and owner.prefab ~= "ninjajoe" then        owner.components.sanity:SetInducedInsanity(val)    endendlocal function onequip(inst, owner)    owner.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_body", "torso_amulets", "purpleamulet")    induceinsanity(true, owner)endlocal function onunequip(inst, owner)    owner.AnimState:ClearOverrideSymbol("swap_body")    induceinsanity(nil, owner)end


With onequip, and onunequip being the locals you want.

Replacing torso_amulets and purpleamulet with whatever you made your item and put where.

Although I don't know if it's a hat or armor or amulet what you have. I assume you know.

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