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[Need help] A widget for Isaac

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I'm still working on the update for Isaac and I'm trying to finish it; however im trying to find ways for Isaac to transform once again. Finally I decided to make a widget for Isacc, more specifically a good/bad meter that will determine which form he will take. One major problem is I have no clue how to make the lua file for the good/bad meter. I want to make it to where the meter will start off in the middle meaning it will be 50 out of 100, and if Isaac does good things like eat veggies and pick flowers (that's all I could think of) then when the meter touches to 75 hell use the angel animation. When Isaac does bad things like kill innocent creatures, eat monstermeat, and pick evil flowers, then at 25 hell use the demon animation. If someone could help me create the widget for this meter then I would be very grateful, I have his custom items and animations done, I just need the widget to help him change. I need to know how to make the meter start off at 50, change animation and stats when the meter is at certain points, and where to enter conditions of when he's considered being good or being bad. 


heres the pics for demon and angel form: (sorry its sideways)



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