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Real client positioning?

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It would be lovely to make character move on respond of a server(you don't do anything until you get a packet approving your action from a server, it will increase lag twice(?) but I'd prefer 50*2 ping with real positioning instead of 100 ping of howTheHellDidItHitMe) or having on demand some shadow of your character synchronised with server(which will show the real positioning and current action of character at the server, probably requires just more packets from a server and handle one more object for client, easy and pretty good solution imo).

It would be also lovely to send, like, stable 1000 of packets per second and if there is a huge packet loss(processed by server per second, autosave lag as an issue), ignore any action intended by lagger or applied to him for 0.5-1 more seconds after bringing stable channeling back.

I hope it makes sense and this suggestions wasnt posted =)

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@Diaboliko, This is actually how it works under the hood, but the client predicts what your movements will be like on the server and shows you the prediction. You can disable it on the console temporarily with:


or semi-permanently by editing (in the game files) scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua-- change the "true" at the top to "false". Updates will occasionally overwrite this, but it lasts longer than entering the command, anyway.


At some point they plan to make this an option in the menus.

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