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Crash on enabling my mod but no ERROR in log.

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Hello community.


I recently tried to make a mod, just a simple weapon mod for now. (I want to put a character and a weapon in the same mod later) but for now whenever I try to enable the mod in DST and click apply the game crashes; no error messages and I cannot find an error in the log.txt ... is there any friendly soul who would care to give me a helping hand?


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Maybe one/more xml files has wrong info in them or .tex file info in xml cannot be found?


Thank you for the late answer, but I've figured that out now, the only problem I have is that my weapon in the mod is invisible while equipped, I can see it on the ground if I place it, the mod icon, the inventory icon and everything works, but the image is lost when held in hand, do you know what could have caused that?

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