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Minimum CPU requirements for small server?

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does anyone have experience with running DST dedicated server on low-power hardware?

I'm thinking of upgrading my router/NAS/AP box with Atom N270 (which is definitely not sufficient) to something beefier, and would like it to be powerful enough to run a dedicated server for DST at a reasonable performance levels with 3 people playing.

I was thinking along the lines of "powerful embedded CPUs" - AMD's GX-217GA (or higher APU), or one of the recent Atoms. If that's not enough, what about the low-power desktop CPUs - the Athlon 5350, or Pentium J2900, anyone experienced with that?

(Obligatory: "Athlon? Pentium? What year is it?") :-)


Background - when playing on the Atom N270, the server often encountered a situation where it could not handle all the inputs from the clients (because it was busy making a snapshot, or calculating interaction between high number of mobs and the player, like spiders from a spider queen). The game would set the player back to the last location the server was able to process (typically about 15 seconds earlier), usually killing him by placing the character in the middle of a swarm of enemies.

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Getting back to this old topic, I eventually went with Athlon 5350.

My experiences so far (4 evenings of active use):

  • sitting idle and being paused consumes about 15-20% of a core - is this normal? It should be paused AFAICT...
  • consumption rises to about 25-35% when 2 players are just foraging around
  • the server does encounter stuttering and replay, but it's extremely rare - it happens when >10 mobs are on screen and interacting - think "going through a field of killer-beehives" and letting the number of bees build up
    • I should also note that I'm using about 12 mods, and the server is running loads of other things, like BOINC projects, in the background
  • overall I would have gone for one of the mobile AMDs or Intels, perhaps even previous-gen but getting a decent board, for a reasonable price for those is next to impossible.
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