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[DST][ROG][Beta]Emergency Mode = Turns off?

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Emergency Mode was meant to signify that it is the button to trigger the Emergency Mode on/off. Though I think the Fling-o-matic should start in the off-mode when it is first built, to reduce the confusion. For future DST:RoG Bug Reports, the developers(Klei) have stated that they wished all reports and discussions to be kept in their latest thread for DST:RoG found here.


Edit: Dabbled in DST:RoG again just now to play around with the Fling-O-Matic. Emergency Mode really is the Off Mode, and that was stated in the thread I linked above. So that means that is exactly what Klei had in mind. Then once it's off, you can then Turn On the Fling-O-Matic. 

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