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  1. Oh hey listen if it's a known issue then I know I'm not alone and therefore I'm more ok with it. Do you think enabling the lan only setting would work? If not I'm fine with just having someone host a server via the game gui.
  2. Now I figured out the issue was the dlink not saving the forwarding. Fixed that and now it shows up in the server browser and I can connect to it (even asks for password like I wanted and only has 2 slots like I wanted) but now the "Server Not Responding" The server is not responding Try yelling louder? Error pops up. What do?
  3. Hey all, Here's what I've got: i5, 4gb ram, decent internet connection, Server 2012r2 router has udp 10999 forwarded to my servers ip address *.*.*.251 server_token is inside /documents/klei/donotstarvetogether settings.ini (i had issues with this one) is in the above folder also I do not see the server on another computer