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[HELP] Berries and Birds mod - Change food values, where ?

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Hi everyone :-)

I've downloaded this nice mod : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=356327775&searchtext=



Which is nice but as a digital painter I was a little disapointed by the reskin of the birds and the berries.

So I started to draw my very own version of this mod, I made a new skin for the 3 new birds and I was starting to reskin the berries, and then I said

"Wait, why would I need berries if I can draw...ANYTHING!" So I decided to replace blue and green berries by apples and pineapples :-)

But the values for this food are a little low, and the apples are poisonous, I tried to modify a little the mod (I translated it in french for me and my friends) but I can't find where to modify those damn values.

Can someone look for this mod and tell me what file I have to change to make the food better ?


Just for example, I would like apples to give :


Health : 5

Hunger : 15

Sanity : 0


And pineapples :


Health : 10

Hunger : 10

Sanity : 5


Thanks a lot for your help my fellow DST friends :-)


PS : Here are some skins I made myself so you can actually see what I was talking about :



Savage Toucan



Bloody Partridge



Night Pie



Raw Pineapple



Cooked Pineapple


All the birds are fully animated BTW. Apples/Bushes for each one are WIP.


Thanks everybody :-)


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@Nitro206, Nice art! I'd expect that Farnsworth would be happy to include your art in his mod if you want that.


As for changing the values, in the mod's scripts/prefabs/blueberries.lua, you can look at the MakeVegStats function:

local function MakeVegStats(seedweight, hunger, health, perish_time, sanity, cooked_hunger, cooked_health, cooked_perish_time, cooked_sanity)

So then this is being called later in that file with:

	berrybl = MakeVegStats(0, 6, 2, TUNING.PERISH_FAST, 0,	                     10, 3, TUNING.PERISH_SUPERFAST, 0),

So the 6 there is the hunger value, 2 is the health, and the 0 at the end of the first line is the sanity. So those would be the numbers to change.


It's the same story with greenberries.lua.


But I recommend contacting Farnsworth on the mod page in Steam, he would probably be happy to add you as a contributor and add your ideas to the mod.

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Haha! It worked :grin: Thanks a lot my friend :razz: I'll make missing textures (apples etc...) and I'll contact him then because I'm not a coder and I have some strange textures problems (some parts are cropped strangely)

 BTW,  I made the textures for the pineapple flower (yeah that thing actually grows on flowers)



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Thank you ^^ I appreciate :p


I finished the apples/cooked apples and the second version of the pineapple flower, I just need to add the apple trees now.






Cooked apples


Pineapple flowers


But I got an other annoying problem, it seems like some parts of my plants are getting cropped, I don't know how to fix that, here is a picture of the plant in game :




Plus, I would like to increase the resolution of my skins because I have to resize them to make them fit. Can someone explain me how to fix these things, please ?



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No because I'm afraid to change a name by mistake and it won't recognize the .zip anymore.

I suck at programming, so I tried to just change the atlas-0.tex file with new textures but it doesnt work very well.

Plus, I got this atlas-0.tex :



This one is for when you drop the item on the ground, but I had to resize the textures like hell to make them fit and remove those bugs I have above.


Thanks for your answers btw :razz:

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@Nitro206, I would recommend doing a Spriter project, because the anim.bin and build.bin inside the anim.zip define a mask over the parts of the altas-0.tex, which is why there are blocky bits missing-- it's only loading the bits that had berries in them, before. If you're okay with uploading what you have I could try to do the Spriter project for you (you could PM a link if that's better).


Otherwise, the basic idea of what you want to do is:

- Download Simplex's krane program

- Unzip berrybush.zip in the game's anim folder

- Open a cmd window, drag the krane.exe in, add a space,drag the berrybush folder in, add a space, and drag it in again

- Change the image files in the berrybush folder

- Open Spriter with the Don't Starve Mod Tools and open the Spriter project in the berrybush folder to make sure it looks right.

- Make a folder called "exported" in the mod's folder (next to the scripts folder), and put the berrybush spriter folder in there

- Launch the game (this will compile the Spriter project into an anim zip in the mod's anim folder)


You will want to change the names of a few things in Spriter and before letting the game autocompile the folder. Here's how the names get acquired:

Name things the right things!

The Spriter filename is the “build”

The “Entity” (top level in Animations panel) is the “bank”

The sub-entries in the Animations panel are the “animations”

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I'll try by myself if I find some time :) so I can learn how to do it. But I wouldnt mind a little help if it doesnt bother you ^^ All my work is visible on this page. I just need to make the apple trees (i'll try to do it quickly)


Thank you :)

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@Nitro206, It's not perfect, but here's a functional anim zip. pineapplebush.zip


I had to do some adjustment for the "sparse" animations. I only used the yellow pineapples because the other ones look like they're in various stages of growth, but the different berry states are supposed to indicate how close a bush is to no longer producing berries, so I had it show fewer pineapples instead.


I attached the Spriter project too if you want to change stuff on your own (some of the animations could probably be improved, and there's definitely room for having them completely redone so they're exactly as smooth, the right size, etc, as you want them). pineapplebush_spriter.zip

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Yeah it definitely didn't work :/ My attemps to do programmer things are in vain, I'm a graphic designer ^^ I tried to contact the creator of the mod but he did not answered my mail, so I'll keep my textures for my own, I guess.


Anyway, thank you very much for your help :) If someone is looking for a digital artist, just send me a message, I'll see if I can help (I have a lot of work, so...)

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