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[Feedback] A stop-gap solution to lag problems? Please?

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My friend almost always dies during hound attacks or when getting into trouble with large amounts of spiders because of unreasonable lag spikes.


It has nothing to do with ping because it's LAN, but the server just can't process that much activity going on at once.


As the host I don't experience any problems, but his game rubberbands him or straight up freezes his character only for it to come back 3 seconds later with him completely dead.


Can there be some way to detect that kind of lag and give players that are on the receiving end of those kinds of problems a brief period of invulnerability so that we don't have to venture into the incredibly dangerous swamp to get more booster shots because my friend has died for the 20th time and can't take much more than a scratch to die again?


I'm not suggesting this as a permanent solution, but until the real cause of these kinds of issues is discovered and lag issues in multiplayer situations are better, something really needs to be done. It really hurts the playing experience when you run away from the hounds for a few seconds only to rubberband right back into them, get attacked 10 times in less than a second and die on the spot.

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@Chesska, Well, if you think the death was unfair, you could always revive them with the console:


But you should definitely be able to find a situation where you can host for two people without much lag (outside of situations where there are 1000 spiders/bees or something), unless your processor is super super slow. I'd recommend using threaded rendering (launch option -threaded_render) or setting up a dedicated server, for both of these I host significantly better than just hosting normally.

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