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What will happen when DST will be given to DS owners within the same game?

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Right now we have DS and DST as two separate games. Devs have said that they will give DST to DS owners for free within the game later on from what I know. So what does that mean for us who own DST as a separate game? Will it be just merged in, or will we have DST for both inside DS and outside of it?

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But that's CURRENTLY. I've read that it is going to be merged at one point somewhere...
yeah, they said that they were going to be in the same game with DST as a DLC in the beginning, but after a while in development, they decided to make them 2 separate games.
However, people who had DS by the time they announced or launched DST in early access(I'm not sure which) will get DST for free when it leaves EA. That is, unless a change of plans occurs. 
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