[Client Crash] - Crash w/ No Indicating Errors.


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash
Issue Title: Crash w/ No Indicating Errors.
Issue Description: So a crash I have right here, is the log of what happened if I used a saved file of the server I made.
So when I tried to host the server again, after a few seconds of waiting, it crashes to desktop. For what I've seen here is that the log doesn't indicate any error(if I am correct), which is ridiculous. It could've been my mods, which I'll have to look at all my 60 mods(I'm that insane to have that much) to find out the one that is causing this.
Steps to Reproduce: While I was putting ingredients in the crock pot while the ice box opened, It then indicated that it was saving, but it frozed for a few seconds and just crashed to the desktop. I tried starting the server again, and the same thing happened, but when it was loading the server.

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