As a long time player, I have a few minor suggestions

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I only have three minor suggestions that I think don't go over the top in complexity or are overpowered in any way. These aren't groundbreaking, I just think they'd be nice additions.


1: Burning Silk - Late game, you have practically no use for silk and it just piles up, to the point where you have chests full of the stuff just because you can't get rid of it practically. Silk should be able to be used as fuel for fire, with the same power as either pine cones (30 seconds in a fire pit) or flower petals (15 seconds). This doesn't seem out of the theme of the game, you can burn beard hair, and that would probably catch as well as some cobwebs.


2: Glommer's Goop - This is another example of something that just piles up due to not having a use. I say it should be able to fuel lanterns and miner hats. Slurtle slime does this, so why not glommer goop? It's just as slimy, and it's a good fuel for fires (360 seconds, top tier of fuel). You can't get goop fast enough to be able to sustain all of your light from pumping it into a lantern, it would just be nice to have a use for it other than a risky health boost.


3: Dropping Items - This is actually an option in the game, but only for controllers. This functionality lets you clear inventory space without having to stop at all, while if you're using a keyboard and mouse, you have to select a specific spot to set down something, and then you have to pause for a moment to set it down. If you're being chased by something spooky and you desperately need to clear up some space, you'd have to stop for a moment, letting that spooky monster take a bite out of you while you do so. Bad times. This functionality could be added with a qualifier, like how control, alt, and shift all have an affect on how you use something. It could be something like alt + right click. This will make hectic inventory management not be the death of you.



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I quite like 2 and 3. One would make Glommer a bit more important. Right now I honestly don't care if he's around or not, there's several better ways to restore sanity, and I tend to kill him right away on full moons to make another bell. And the other one sounds really convenient, it's kinda annoying to have to choose a spot to drop things every time.


As for the first one, I'm not particularly interested, but I don't see anything wrong with it.

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